Politics and Books ….

…..just can’t be separated, as shown clearly by Allan Ahlberg’s stand last week. Booktrust, the feel good children’s book charity, have sidled up to Amazon, the big business book leviathan. Or perhaps Amazon was the one doing the spidery come-hither, a bit difficult if you’re a leviathan.

Ahlberg objects to tax avoidance.

But it’s hellishly difficult to avoid Amazon. Many small internet booksellers are linked to Amazon as Amazon Associates. I fear I surreptitiously support Amazon by posting my book reviews on Goodreads. So if you read one of my reviews and want to buy the book please try to source it elsewhere and save my conscience. You could try hive.

I’m pleased to be able to say that Allan Ahlberg grew up in Oldbury, next to Smethwick, the centre of the universe, or at least the cradle of the industrial revolution (one of them). He has probably stood shivering in the shallow end at the magnificent Rolfe Street Baths, now available to be admired at The Black Country Living Museum.

imageHe has written an autobiography. I’ve not read it. However, ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’ has been a mainstay of my career, and I think I may have gleaned some biographical background from the wonderful ‘Peepo’. Both books are illustrated with humour and delicious detail by Janet Ahlberg.

In honour of Ahlberg’s principles I will read and review his autobiography, not sourcing it from Amazon, as well as ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’ and ‘Peepo’. I might try getting hold of them via the trusty Sandwell Library Service. His autobiography is called  ‘The Bucket, Memories of an Inattentive Childhood’. Watch this space …..

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