It all started with my wanting to remember the books I had read, as I found I was closing each book read and promptly forgetting about it. So I started to write reviews using Goodreads and found I was getting a lot more from my reading.

I enjoyed writing my reviews so much that I decided I’d try a blog, and this is how Ruthi56 came into being. So far it has revolved around books and reading, but blog posts are thoughts stirred up by reading rather than reviews. Books are so much a part of my life that when I think about writing they seem to be a natural starting point. But books can take you anywhere: researching topics; thinking about themes; pondering authors’ viewpoints. So watch this space ….

So far I have found myself writing about childhood reading and sexism, local history, an author’s principled stand, myths and great crested grebes. I have also added in my reviews. I aim to entertain and hope also to suggest new ways of looking and thinking. Agreement and disagreement are equally welcome – please comment: use the comment facility at the bottom of each post when you are inspired to say anything about the blog. I love comments and feedback.

Scroll to the bottom of my home page for a blog roll of blogs I have found interesting or enjoyed. Many are comment on education; I used to be a teacher. Enjoy….

Thanks for reading – I hope you will want to follow!


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